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Company history and description

SAVE ENGINEERING S.r.l. is an engineering consultancy based in the city of Venice (ITALY).

The company has been operational since 1990 and is controlled by SAVE S.p.A. that operates

the Venice International Airport under concession from the Italian Ministri of Transport.

As part of the SAVE Group, SAVE ENGINEERING S.r.l. is in charge of most of the project and

construction management services required for the upgrading, development and completion of

the Venice Airport and those required by other companies of the Group like Centostazioni S.p.A.

currently managing the operation in 103 Italian middle size railway stations.

Since the beggining, our activities have been governed by two basic principles: quality and

professionalism. A corporate philosopy that seeks to provide a comprehensive response to the

projects we are currently carryng out and which require our maximum dedication as well as our

full technical knowledge and experience.

The company is now responsible for the design and construction supervision services required by

the Group, other airports in italy and is partecipating to international tenders together with

internationally known partners.


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   Main activities:

   Engineering project design

   and construction management